Services We Provide

Individual Psychotherapy

We offer individual psychotherapy with adults 18+ and our work typically focuses on:

Relational trauma (physical, verbal, or emotional abuse; neglect)
Physical, mental, emotional trauma
Mood regulation (depression, anxiety, bipolar)
Stress management
Relationships and communication
Grief and loss
Spiritual and religious concerns

Specific techniques we may incorporate in our work and the theoretical frameworks that inform us are secondary to our connection with a client, but we often incorporate EMDR, mindful awareness practices, and emotional parts work.

Our relationship with each of our clients is of critical importance to us. We will do our best to earn your trust by paying attention to our moment-to-moment interactions and noticing what energizes you, what shuts you down, what leads to misunderstandings and what leads to a deeper connection. We will learn as we go along, making adjustments, checking in often so that together we can create the kind of space that supports you to transform your suffering.

Insurance Payment

Bobby Liebman, LCSW is an in-network provider for:
Aetna | Blue Cross Blue Shield | Medicare

JoDee Liebman, LCSW is an in-network provider for:
Blue Cross Blue Shield | Medicare

Out-of-Network Insurance

If we are not participating providers for your health insurance plan, we can provide you with a monthly billing statement if you wish to submit it to your insurance company for reimbursement.

We reserve a limited number of low-fee spaces for clients who are enrolled with Open Path Collective—a non-profit that helps people without health insurance access psychotherapy services:

Self-pay Rates

30-minute session: $65.00
60-minute session: $125.00
Extended-length EMDR session: $175.00

Video-based Psychotherapy

For better or for worse, the Covid pandemic has gotten most of us used to communicating remotely via Zoom and FaceTime. Currently, Liebman Psychotherapy offers only video-based psychotherapy.

Many clients began to prefer teletherapy for their sessions because of the convenience of not having to fight traffic to get to their appointments or managing the additional time commitment of traveling to/from an in-person appointment. Video or teletherapy provides a safe and secure means of connecting and gives clients the option of recording their sessions if they would like to.

Some advantages to video counseling:

  • ACCESS–Your decision about which therapist to work with isn’t as limited by geography; you can choose the in-state therapist who specializes in the issue for which you’re seeking counseling, and with whom you have the best rapport.
  • EASE–You don’t have to travel anywhere for your appointment, which makes carving out time for therapy easier.
  • PRIVACY–You can have a video counseling session from the privacy of your home, office, even your car.
  • COMFORT–Many video counseling clients find it easier to talk openly about deeply personal issues, emotions and experiences over the phone than in person.
  • EFFECTIVENESS–Research indicates that online therapy can be just as effective as meeting in person.

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