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JoDee Liebman

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Traumatic circumstances left me feeling numb, hopeless, and I wondered how I could go on.

Through my own healing journey, I learned that life is an opportunity to thrive, not just survive. This remains my driving force to help you find the same within yourself.

The most important element for healing is already within you.

It might sound crazy that I’ve become a professional offering to give you what I believe you already possess. However, unlocking this wisdom within yourself requires specific keys, and finding those on your own can feel daunting.

My work over the years at mental health hospitals and community behavioral health facilities revealed that certain protocols prescribed for patients often unwittingly circumvent the patient’s own wisdom.

Patients can end up relying more predominantly on professionals, institutions, or medications than on their own resilience. Granted, these can be important in a client’s healing journey. And yet, I strongly believe it should not end there.

I won’t tell you what you should do. I won’t put you in a box with a diagnosis. I desire to know and encourage you as a self-possessed individual.

Bottom line, I believe with the right tools you can learn to trust yourself to get to wherever you authentically want to go.

If you’d like to learn more about how I would work with your particular situation and needs, please
contact me to schedule a 30 minute in-person complimentary consultation at my office.
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  • Clinical licensure in North Carolina (LCSW)
  • Masters degree in Social Work (MSW)
  • Bachelors degree in Communication
  • Associates degree in Psychology
Specialized Training
EMDR certification with additional training in:
  • Attachment focused EMDR
  • EMDR & dissociation
  • Protocol for using EMDR with current trauma
Somatic psychotherapy
  • Six months training in the Hakomi method
  • Trained to integrate EMDR with somatic psychotherapies
Internal parts work
  • Trained to integrate Internal Family Systems & EMDR
  • Trained to work with structural dissociation, identifying and befriending internal parts
SandPlay therapy
  • Certified in Jungian theory of active imagination, integrating whole brain thinking
  • Trained in mindfulness for internal stabilization and spiritual enhancement
Skill building
  • Trained in DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy) to build safety, stability, and mindfulness practice
Spiritual guide
  • Trained in principles to guide clients through their spiritual journey, paying attention to individual traditions and diverse paths.
  • Extensive studies in philosophy of religious traditions
Yoga for Trauma Survivors
  • Trained in Trauma-specific protocol to integrate body-mind-spirit
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