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Bobby Liebman

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

My approach is strengths-based and relational—focused on you. You are unique. So is your path. There is no road map, no predetermined process, no set number nor order of steps.

Your goal for therapy is to enhance the overall quality of your life and functioning.

We will develop an alliance that’s collaborative, dynamic, and individual to help you reach your goal. The key factor in my relational approach is becoming attuned to you so that you feel “felt”—in other words, deeply understood.

Whereas some therapists may come off as passive or a “blank-slate,” I will be present, engaged and curious.

Together we will explore the sensitivity (vulnerabilities) you have brought from your history, such as loss, abandonment, abuse, betrayal, humiliation, neglect, feeling insecure or inadequate.

We will also identify coping tactics or survival positions you have adopted to protect and manage your vulnerabilities. These positions were the best way you found in the past to maintain a sense of integrity and control in emotionally difficult situations.

Your survival positions include beliefs (personal mottos to live by) like: “I can only depend on myself; I must always please people; I must be strong and not show vulnerability;" and “if I get too close I will get hurt.”

Good news: survival positions can evolve and grow; becoming adaptive and sources of energy, creativity, and individuality.

Interestingly, I have been seeing more and more men in my practice. I say ‘interestingly’ because men often minimize or don’t acknowledge their own emotional pain; or they may “act out” distress by showing anger or aggression, or engaging in high-risk behaviors rather than seek help.

I bring sensitivity to the issues men commonly struggle with, including intimacy, shame (feeling “not good enough”), anger, masculinity, isolation, and relationship challenges.

Contact me if you would like to meet in person for a complimentary 30 minute in-person consultation. I’ll look forward to hearing from you.

  • San Diego State University, M.S.W. Social Work, Clinical Emphasis
  • Florida State University, B.S. Speech Communication and Psychology
  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker, North Carolina License #C010618
Relevant Training
Training in befriending internal (emotional) parts and integrating EMDR in working with structural dissociation and internal family structures.

Presented by Janina Fisher, Ph.D., internationally known expert in trauma and dissociation. Completed four levels of training. Each level was a year-long series consisting of monthly interactive webinars focused on working with complex trauma and its residual impact. Topics included structural dissociation and emotional parts, the somatic legacy of trauma, using mind-body techniques in traditional talking therapy, working with shame and loathing, and the challenge of self-destructive behavior.

Trained by Shinzen Young to teach his Basic Mindfulness system of mindful awareness and noting and labeling of emotions, physical sensations, images (visual), and sounds.

Completed 40 hours of instruction in Eye Movement and Desensitization Reprocessing and 10 hours of post-training consultation and supervision. Currently completing requirements for EMDR certification.
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